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Caption: The Swiss bishops, religious superiors and a delegation of victims of clergy sex abuse participate in a penitential service at Valerie Basilica in Sion, Switzwerland, Dec.
The penitential practice of abstaining from meat once a week is only a first step toward promoting a more sustainable future, although a critical one.
start to look like Hieronimo's penitential revenge on himself' (76).
The protagonist in revenge tragedy, she argues, reflects Protestantism's "sanctioning of penitential self-punishment alongside its refusal of penitential satisfaction" in two important ways (66): first, his "retribution against others incites him to turn his vengeful energies on himself" (71); and second, the violence he directs against others and himself is never enough, so that his desire for satisfactory retribution is always a desire for more of it.
Praying the penitential psalms is a tradition that was inexplicably discarded following the Second Vatican Council, but it need not be irretrievably lost.
Further, Leontes's repetition of the term "satisfy" evokes the doctrine of penitential satisfaction.
If you want to really get into the true spirit of the penitential season, you can think of taking the extreme poverty fast.
St Osburg Friday December 20: Penitential Service, after 12.
The content of the penitential itself provides unusual insight into issues that affected the daily lives of the Anglo-Saxons, and what was considered acceptable moral behaviour.
Her interest lies primarily in the ascetic and penitential writings of these and other Irish monks.
The Penitential State: Authority and Atonement in the Age of Louis the Pious, 814-840, by Mayke de Jong.
That enquiry broadened to encompass very large questions about the origins, functions, forms, and causes for change in penitential practices.