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In one, the lover penitently submits to God, but in the other, he lingers in a paradoxical state.
Amid the ceremony, Hopkins becomes aware of how erotically provocative his own stance is, relative to the kneeling boy penitently ready to receive the Host.
If not, penitently peruse this reissue of an item from CW, 12/99-1/00, p.
Refusing to accept any "helping hand" extended to him to "clear out," he decides to "fight this thing down," to expiate his sin, in short, to suffer penitently the agony of his failure: "He had loved too well to imagine himself a glorious racehorse, and now he was condemned to toil without honour like a costermonger's donkey.
While he does not preach the dominance of a particular faith system, Toynbee indicates that the only way in which Western civilization will avoid annihilation will be by returning to its Christian heritage penitently and in humility.
He sought forgiveness of his Lord and fell down penitently on his knees.
In the same document the authors plead for closer links with such evangelical bodies as the World Evangelical Fellowship, and they penitently acknowledge the extent to which the WCC is itself responsible for their absence.
Both killers died penitently, regretting they have ever met to draw each other further into depravity.
This poisoner of her husband aims to cure her guilt by enabling like female murderers to repent in a true penitentiary (again Carter literalizes): in a therapy of meditation to elicit remorse they must sit penitently all day in their cells and stare at her staring at them from her central position.
Shortly after Sinead O'Connor tore up the pope's picture on "Saturday Night Live," the folks at NBC penitently announced that her actions had constituted a "breach of faith.