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What good mother is there that would not commiserate a penniless spinster, who might have been my lady, and have shared four thousand a year?
Thus, from town to town, from village to village, Goldsmith wandered, until at the end of a year he found himself back among his countrymen, penniless and alone in London streets.
I do not need any better name than Tarzan," replied the ape-man; "and as for remaining a penniless vagabond, I have no intention of so doing.
of the South Carolina branch), a penniless beauty introduced to New York society by her cousin, the imprudent Medora Manson, who was always doing the wrong thing from the right motive.
Monty alive, penniless, half-witted, the servant of a few ill-paid missionaries, toiling all day for a living, perhaps fishing with the natives or digging, a slave still, without hope or understanding, with the end of his days well in view
There was a small child there, whose father had been the organist of the village, and who had died penniless.
I am homeless, friendless, penniless," I went on, getting more hollow at every word.
If Helen had written the same to me about a shop-assistant or a penniless clerk--"
He saw that his faint and worn appearance attracted the attention of the landlord and his waiters; and thinking that they might suppose him to be penniless, took out his purse, and laid it on the table.
I was left on the world, a nameless, penniless outcast, with one fatal inheritance--God knows, I can speak of it without vanity, after what I have gone through
We have now turned penniless," he regretted and appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to address extend financial support for the treatment of their son.
On getting payment, he always headed to the bar and returned home late, drunk and penniless,' he said.