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Despite undoubtedly not being an establishment for the penny-conscious and dripping with an understated cool elegance, the Castello's staff could not have been friendlier or more approachable.
Unfortunately, poor or penny-conscious management can cause fatigue or adjuster burnout.
Suppressed demand controlled price inflation, which was minimal due to penny-conscious consumers," the report said.
If you are tempted to root for these seemingly penny-conscious legislators, please don't.
This strategy is becoming increasingly common among enterprises as hosted solutions are steadily being offered, and as the recession has made businesses far more penny-conscious.
Nancy Henderson of the Sunset Hill House in Sugar Hill and the new chairman of the Lodging and Restaurant Association, called the trend toward penny-conscious spending "dining down."
retailers will close stores and reduce square-footage growth plans this year to offset slowing sales, slumping stock prices, a saturated market and a penny-conscious shopper, Reuters reported on Sunday.
For a paper that pays handsome salaries, the Times is curiously penny-conscious, recently offering all employees a small cash stipend for each new subscription they gather.