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The story, which does not end there, illustrated that apart from being an Olympic penny-pincher, Vass is a super-cunning businessman as he is now trying to force Nielsen to rent his Kema building which would be left empty.
After one too many Early-Bird specials, Audrey realises what a penny-pincher Keith is and Norris is re-acquainted with bossy ex-wife Angela.
Q I MOVED in with my romantic new fella - and now he has turned into an insensitive penny-pincher.
I'm a compulsive penny-pincher and time-saver, and it occurred to me recently that, if I could create my own letterheads with the click of a button, I would save money and time by not having to buy letterhead stationery.
A long list of who's who in the Canadian entertainment world have agreed to play themselves on the series or take on some far-from-flattering roles: Road to Avonlea's Sarah Polley as the leader of the Spirentology Cult who's out to make some cash, spoofing the strong relationship between Scientology and the entertainment industry; Kiefer Sutherland as himself, trying to break in to TV producing; Maury Chaykin as an oversexed, wife--swapping children's entertainer; Trader's Bruce Gray as the penny-pincher at the helm of rival Prodigy Productions; Ann Medina as a journalist who does a scathing undercover report on Alan Roy; and Peter Gzowski, Gino Empry and Evan Soloman--all starring as themselves.
In Texas Youth Commission circles, John Franks has been known as something of a penny-pincher. Staff members would cringe whenever he approached them during budget time, knowing he would ask them to find ways to further cut expenditures.
If a prospect was a penny-pincher, an interconnect vendor sold him on least-cost routing, queuing and capital amortization.
Ever the penny-pincher, Rod insisted that while he and his team enjoyed pounds 8000 of catering a day, a local crew would get only an "economical" breakfast.
True, he sounded a little like he could have done with a Halls Soother or two ( further proof that he's been giving his all on the tour so far ( but his gravelly vocals actually fitted perfectly for the gruff and grumbling Ebenezer, who starts out as a miserable penny-pincher (with a particular dislike for Christmas) and ends up as an ambassador for the festive season.
And, reflecting modern attitudes (or perhaps today's gent is a penny-pincher), it also helps if she can pay her own way.
* PENNY-PINCHER: Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge in Robert Zemeckis's technologically groundbreaking adaptation of A Christmas Carol out now on DVD
And in case he is accused of transforming his chilly staff into true blues, penny-pincher Pickles hopes they will warm up - by using the stairs instead of lifts.