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PENNYWEIGHT. A troy weight which weighs twenty-four grains, or one-twentieth part of an ounce. Vide Weights.

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Peter, a graduate who studied horticulture at Reaseheath College, near Nantwich, has set a target of 10 years to beat the world record of 39 pennyweights held by local champion Kelvin Archer.
Troy system again: 259lb equals 4,144oz equals 82,880 pennyweights.
Lack of knowledge about the weight of their gold and unfamiliar terms like pennyweights (dwt), grams and troy ounces, confuse and intimidate many seeking a buyer for their gold.
Confusing jargon like troy ounces, pennyweights (dwt), karats, and grams makes many people uneasy about selling their gold because they don't know the true value.