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This relates to the Latin word "pensio", meaning refunds of money one is entitled to, considering the work done.
Residence titaud zac of the pensio 43000 le puy en velay
Orphanides' reported monthly income is AaAaAeA@1/44,200 coming from his pensio some foreign company stocks owned by his wife and rent from two apartments the couple owns.
AaAeAeA For pensioners, an increase is also foreseen - from July all pensio will be indexed by 3.8% and the minimum pension will be 207.6 BGN.AaAeAeA T pension ceiling, however, remains BGN 910.
The team has many years of experience and a proven track record in the region and we expect them to provide attractive investment opportunities going forward," said Chresten DengsAaAaAeA e, CEO at Laegernes Pensio
She c about their the pensio people ha until the you going pe th "We're paying for old people to be in work...
Mais il s'agit aussi dans le proces, d'autres gains tires par le possesseur : du loyer, du fret (pensio, vectura), etc.
con with the Ro been vastly unde PS12billion pen transferred to the world's Once a shares up it ruthl gorg Briti Brow 900% privatis up prices that pensio choose betw Once all the little people's shares have been hoovered up it will be owned by ruthless sharks who will gorge on the profits (the British Gas boss Cedric Brown's salary went up 900% in the decade after privatisation), slash jobs, put up prices and not give a toss that pensioners will be forced to choose between sending their grandchild a birthday card or sticking the gas fire on.
hory Marga That N The part wheth pensio moder They back t ied as clinic will thand sa precon The pair are at the helm of the twodocumentary, which looks at her, with retirement age rising, oners will sink or swim in the rn workplace.
A Flamma, si non potes omne, partem aliquam uelim extorqueas, in primisque ut expedita sit pensio Kal.
Caries L rei i emperador, atorga a l'antic alcadi de Benaguasil, batejat amb el nom de Jeromi d'Abenamir, i als seus familiars, una pensio anual de cinc-cents ducats, en compensacio pels seus serveis a la Corona en la conversio dels moros valencians.
Los dos financiadores mas importantes en Chile fueron los fondos de pensio nes y las companias de seguros de vida a traves de sus reservas tecnicas, que tomaron posiciones principalmente en bonos de infraestructura.