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"I also do deep thinking and was pensive. I was not sleeping," said Choubey when asked about the incident.
'Pensive Nature' is a reflection of her spiritual contemplative nature drawing her closer to the Creator through natural meditation and further opening intellectual avenues that are most often ignored.
This depreciation in the host country makes foreign investors pensive because they have invested in dollars in the country, which is generally used after conversion into local currency.
Creepy mischiefs will fill the whole miniseries, as well as shots of Pine looking pensive in rooms with blinds.
'I've been pensive because no father loses 19 children in a day and remains boisterous.' He added that 'those who were gunned down are sons and daughters to me.
So she did but he again lapsed into a pensive mood which lasted long enough for the lass to ask him: "What are ye thinkin' now, Angus?" To which the lad replied: "Well, I was hopin' ye hadn't forgot the penny."
Elegantly translated by his daughter Chloe with language both evocative and sparse, Aridjis recounts his transition from a rowdy boy to a pensive, bookish teen and the horrifying accident that was the catalyst for his transformation.
For the art that adorns his ninth studio album, Wainwright approached his friend, the artist Timothy Cummings, who specializes in dreamlike portraits of pensive souls, and commissioned a portrait in a style reminiscent of the 16th-century court.
The former IRA prisoner revealed the news on The Pensive Quill website.
UNIVERSAL adulation Echoes round this world One life, demanding celebration Our Starman has unfurled Six decades thrilled each generation Courting reinvention That Hall of Fame's his destination God's ultimate ascension An icon with a timeless eye Prolific, potent art Inspirations cool supply Never dared depart Charismatic infiltration Seamless in transition Funk plus soul, each delectation Reaching true fruition Genius proves so intensive Journeys simply weaved Lyrics can engage the pensive Graciously perceived Troubled tied to gifted Subtle, futile pairing Stimulation lifted Harmonies for sharing Ziggy, White Duke, rest in peace Cravings fuel desire Heroes you must never cease To stimulate my fire.
Above a snapshot of the yeti looking rather pensive, he wrote, ''Found the yeti in the blizzard at Copley Square in Boston.''