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In the opening lines, solitude is conducive to the melancholic pensiveness that enables her to appreciate the curious beauty of her hostile surroundings:
Pridioxe is an ancient and fairly common Devonshire name, (101) and this combined with the variable spellings make it difficult, as with John Heywood, to establish a firm identification for the witness to the will or the contributor of the single poem 'Behold of pensiveness the picture here in place' ascribed to a man of this name in Add ms 15233.
Thus, in coining womanist, she in fact drew on the already existing African American expression "womanish" ("manish" for boys) long in the Black American vernacular that describes Black girls who evince characteristics of wit, will, grit, smarts, empathy, curiosity, thoughtfulness, loyalty, risk-taking, trustworthiness, active not passive, pensiveness, and stubbornness as necessary to remain strong against attempts to undermine her intelligence or kill her spirit.
That the lyrical "I" takes on the role of a statue representing death adds a humorous and macabre touch, facilitating the poem's oscillation between a mood of light-heartedness and pensiveness.
All emotions such as joy, fright, anger, grief, pensiveness, melancholia, and apprehension are viewed as complimentary: one emotion cannot exist without the other (Rhee, 1980).
It means joy, fear, paranoia, hard work, happiness, pensiveness, confidence.
In the following passage, one of the greatest descriptive passages in the language, a passage that defines the vast pensiveness of the entire text, Marlow is describing the trip upriver towards the Inner Station, where he will meet Mr.
Rothbrust performed the piece with almost hammy gusto, pausing with exaggerated pensiveness before each sip of water from his unorthodox instruments.
All of these references and visible struggles add intricacy and pensiveness to the performance.
Having waged a successful war against an overly adventurous Georgia, Moscow now contemplates the strategic environment with pensiveness.
This was because the language contained clear substantiation of complex ideas, abstract concepts, pensiveness and dignity.
Pensiveness and tension accompanied me daily, both with my friends and at home as well.