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Royal Challengers Bangalore did not qualify for this year's Indian Premier League (IPL) playoffs although they did manage to win five matches out 14 matches after their penurious beginning which witnessed six back-to-back defeats.
Applying the lessons to Camarines Sur, he elevated his penurious province-mates to middle class status.
That image - of a penurious outsider thrown into the deep end of the Hollywood glamour pool - encapsulates Sandberg's strange story.
Perhaps the best news for notoriously penurious journalists is that the JOY award comes with a cash prize of P300,000, together with a specially designed medallion.
Only four of NATO's 28 members (America, Britain, Estonia and penurious Greece) fulfill their obligation to spend at least 2 percent of GDP on defense, and Britain may soon fall below that threshold as its army shrinks to about 80,000, its smallest size since after Waterloo (1815).
By conducting a penurious psychological exercise on themselves, this band of Armstrong fans make up their mind by saying that the astronomer was fed up with both the publicity and being exposed to endless scrutiny.
Meanwhile, the Colonna altarpiece, which slightly later was sold by the penurious nuns of Sant'Antonio, Perugia, and passed through a series of illustrious collections before being presented to the Metropolitan by the heirs of J.
He funded his move into television by selling part of his company to Paramount in a disastrously structured deal that gave the penurious studio virtual veto power over his spending.
This season, for instance, I almost was unable to take my six-year-old daughter to Shea Stadium to see the New York Mets (as I've done every year since she was an infant), as the shortsighted, penurious New York management did away with matron service in the women's rest rooms, all to save a paltry $1,250 a game.
Making the political personal and getting involved in the lives of the penurious stranger would, of course, be a social time bomb as human nature would dictate that sympathy fatigue would set in faster than a Polyfilla face pack.
But if the estate takes legal action to block distribution of the film, and at this point they're waiting to find out how the film turns out, it will prove just another wrinkle to a picture that's been almost as unlucky as its penurious protagonist.
But the stinginess of this edition and its penurious attempt to offer a Ford not worthy of critical and textual research keep the volume from being useful to students or their instructors.