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To subject a pensioner to a life of penury is a violation of his fundamental rights
It should be remembered that many people who are in penury because of benefit sanctions would not be able to afford this most basic need.
Summary: The UNHCR in Lebanon has removed more than 149,000 Syrian refugees from its rolls since April this year, the clearest indication yet that penury and hardship are driving them out of the country.
When her father commits murder, the family flees, sinking deeper into penury.
As it is the old poor industrial hinterlands of south Wales are being abandoned into penury.
The battle of misdirected egos between South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar -- who allegedly tried to depose his boss in a coup -- has left the oil-rich nation in penury, with thousands dead and displaced and an economy that is on life support.
Mrs May said: "There is evidence of women being 'divorced' under Sharia law and left in penury, wives who are forced to return to abusive relationships because Sharia councils say a husband has a right to 'chastise', and Sharia councils giving the testimony of a woman only half the weight of the testimony of a man.
The male characters seek escape from penury by enlisting in the army, as Canada is about to enter the Second World War.
The standard hasn't improved, nor the quality life of citizens did, to the contrary penury and poverty are growing even higher.
His family, prosperous under the regime of the Shah, is now living in penury and fear of the Ayatollahs.
Khaleej Times readers continue to contribute to the cause of a father facing penury trying to foot the ICU expenses of his son born prematurely.
He lived a simple life, and died as a cobbler in penury.