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Of critical importance at the microsystem and macrosystem levels is the fact that people of color and White women are paid less than are White men (U.
Among people of color manifestations of "racism" are a direct result of Euro conquest, colonization and/or domination.
White parishioners are turning to people of color in the parish to test their own perceptions and ideas and to learn how to build relationships and address racism.
It was limiting for people of color to let that one experience affect their whole picture of white activists.
The knowledge that people of color are disproportionately affected by environmental pollution angered the black church community and fired up its leadership to take a more active role in fighting against "environmental racism," a phrase that was coined by Benjamin Chavis who was then the Director of the UCC Commission on Racial Justice.
To teach what an IQ test truly is, she gives the brown eyes half of the answers to an impossible test before the blue eyes enter the room, explaining that, for people of color, the IQ exam is "a test about which you know absolutely nothing.
The demographic profile of San Juan's free people of color is so negative that Kinsbruner speaks of a "free colored population resembling a community in decline" (141).
The 26 highest-donor zip codes gave approximately as much money as the 2,500 zip codes in which people of color are the majority.
The white man, more often than people of color or women, tends to define himself and his value in the world in terms of his job, theorizes Thomas Kochman, a social psychologist who is a consultant on diversity issues to media companies.
There is an undercurrent of resentment within the Patriot movement against what are seen as the unfair advantages the government gives to people of color and women through such programs as affirmative action.
The role of antiracist is continually negotiated through whites' interactions with people of color and other whites.
Park said that activists in people of color and low-income communities are likely to connect the long-range threat of global warming to issues their constituents grapple with today, such as public health, transportation, and poor air and water quality.

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