peoples of the earth

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But for this, as one may say, public demand, I perhaps should not have ventured to offer these mere "idle thoughts" of mine as mental food for the English-speaking peoples of the earth.
I paused, and stood over that cowering lad a whole minute in awful silence; then, in a voice deep, measured, charged with doom, I began, and rose by dramatically graded stages to my colossal climax, which I delivered in as sublime and noble a way as ever I did such a thing in my life: "Go back and tell the king that at that hour I will smother the whole world in the dead blackness of midnight; I will blot out the sun, and he shall never shine again; the fruits of the earth shall rot for lack of light and warmth, and the peoples of the earth shall famish and die, to the last man
She that in her palmy days commanded the commerce of a hemisphere and made the weal or woe of nations with a beck of her puissant finger, is become the humblest among the peoples of the earth,-- a peddler of glass beads for women, and trifling toys and trinkets for school-girls and children.
He added that "the world is still in a stupor from the matter of terrorism and its dangers to civil peace, and we should have a responsibility to fight for ourselves and for all the peoples of the earth.
Fundamentally, tomorrow's ministerial meeting will focus on the role of Arab media in propagating values of tolerance and amity among all peoples of the earth and means of effectively fighting extremism in creed and deed.
President's visit came in light of the Arab popular changes for freedom, democracy and social justice, stressing that these changes would not be completed without ending the occupation and achieving the Palestinian right to freedom and dignity like the other peoples of the earth.
There is the moon of mythology, bearing innumerable names among the varying ages and peoples of the Earth - and the moon of 10,921 kilometers circumference, 45.
Sunday, originally the Sabbath, is a gift of the biblical faith in God, the liberator of slaves from exploitative labor, to all peoples of the earth.
Further fieldwork and research has led him to write here about the essential or definitional characteristics of a covenantal understanding of ethnicity, whether ethnicity is a created and therefore stable phenomenon or an incidental one, whether the Hebrew ethnic group have an active rather than passive centrifugal missional responsibility to other peoples of the earth, and how this biblical covenantal understanding can be applied to ecclesial and socio-political structures.
Later interpretations have suggested that Matthew is, through the Magi, including all the peoples of the earth as the recipients of God's love in Jesus.
The name Kairos means a "moment for action," and Kairos is dedicated to promoting human rights, justice and peace, ecological justice, viable human development and solidarity among the peoples of the Earth.
All those faces representing more and more of the different peoples of the earth who have found their home in Canada and made their contributions in our Presbyterian Church.

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