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by creating a special key case pepper spray with a quick release key ring.
You get pepper spray sprayed in your face, just walking down the street.
Pepper spray uniform, driving an average of 21 000 units per year.
With the immediate effects of pepper spray which last anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes, the Little Viper provides plenty of time to escape an attacker, render him/her helpless, and call the police.
I am a person who never uses any security, and hence, I carry a pepper spray in my pocket all the time," he said.
Pamela Malone, a high school teacher in suburban Cleveland for nearly two decades, carries Mace pepper spray.
Whatever benefits they feel like they might get out of utilizing pepper spray are not big enough for all the dangers," said Ana Yanez-Correa, executive director of the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition.
The bill would allow residents and nonresidents to "purchase, possess, carry, (and) transport Defensive Sprays," which would include pepper spray and other devices that emit substances designed to incapacitate someone.
The Los Angeles Times says the report finds that although most campus officers acted with restraint, the use of pepper spray and a raised baton by one officer was inappropriate.
But one angry parent said: "I thought pepper spray was only used in extreme circumstances.
The police did not "nonchalantly" douse young people with pepper spray.
But to ensure she got one, police said the woman fired pepper spray at other shoppers "to get an advantage.