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Nasturtiums provide peppery flavoured flowers and leaves plus buds that can be pickled and used as a caper substitute.
The full range includes Peppery Rub, Tandoori Rub, Harissa Rub, Barbecue Rub, Ras El Hanout Rub, Italian Rub and Herby Fish Rub - all guaranteed to liven up any dish.
Watercress is actually a member of the mustard family, hence its hot, peppery taste.
You can steam, roast or mash the creamy white flesh, which tastes sweet and slightly peppery, and eat the leaves (known as turnip greens or turnip tops) too.
You have probably heard of Captain's cheese bake (see 2008 Field Guide for the recipe) that utilizes this peppery, sweet glaze.
The story starts simply enough: It had long been known that many of the red wines from cool climate Australian winegrowing regions (such as those called the Grampians, Beechworth, Yarra Valley and Coonawarra) develop a distinctive peppery aromatic character.
The peppery taste and bright orange hue of nasturtium flowers will add a boost to salads, while courgette flowers can be dipped in a light batter and deep fried.
The flowers add a different delightful twist to the dressing's four distinctive varieties--aromatic Lavender French, peppery Orange Nasturtium, tangy Pomegranate Hibiscus, and sweet White Balsamic & Rose Petal.
Montforte Blue has classic blue-veining that enhances its peppery piquant flavor, while Montforte Gorgonzola is an Italian-styled veined cheese with soft green marbling and a mellow, tangy flavor.
On the palate it is earthy, smoky and pearly, underscored by the vibrant warmth of peppery spice," said Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy.
SALAD Add watercress sprigs for peppery flavor and crunch.
95), brings forth a larger-than-expected platter of non-oily, deep-fried tilapia garnished with lively, vinegared onions, nestled in a peppery chile sauce and flanked by both yuca and sweet potato.