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Myself, I love eating watercress on its own with a hunk of freshly baked bread, and being able to savour its smooth, peppery taste.
Drier than most Speyside malts, spirity and slightly peppery in flavour.
INGREDIENTS 3 fresh free-range eggs 1 tbsp water Salt and freshly ground black pepper Tabasco pepper sauce Walnut of butter Peppery, leafy salad for serving Extra Tabasco
49 at Majestic) is much more of a blockbuster - big, alcohol-rich, peppery, buttery and toasty, but given refreshing freshness by a grapefruit-like tang.
In Italy, borlotti are widely used in hearty soups, often paired with shredded winter greens, lots of garlic and lashings of peppery olive oil.
Very peppery and will brighten up a salad and work well splashed on to barbecue food.
Other products like the delicious peppery fish cakes and the cheese savouries are all hand-made on the premises.
VERY creamy but went well with some peppery rocket and a sprinkling of parmesan.
They bring the piquant and peppery splendor of India's exotic curry spices, a fruity tomato chutney and the creamy yogurt qualities of raita together to form a rare harmony of meaty palate pleasures.
According to the company, this "adds a peppery citrus note to the brew, which enhances the tangy taste of lemon peel and floral notes of tropical fruits, including mangoes and peaches, that derive from the fermentation.
Nutty, peppery, mildly sweet, and floral are accurate descriptors.
They use a variety of traditional fills including Peppery Steak; Beef & Onion; Chilli Beef; Chicken & Mushroom and Cheese Potato & Onion but more varieties are in the pipeline.