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Given the organization of the cnidocyte-associated peptidergic nerve nets presented here and the presence of what appear to be peptidergic afferent sensory neurons, it is tempting to speculate that the synaptic activity that can be recorded from the cnidocytes of Physalia (Purcell and Anderson, 1995) and Cladonema (Price and Anderson, unpubl, data) arises, directly or indirectly, from these peptidergic nerve nets.
The combined use of immunohistochemistry and unbiased stereologic methods will be interesting in establishing quantitative relationships among the diverse types of peptidergic nerves and neuroendocrine cells from rat prostate in postnatal development (Rodriguez et al.
The peptidergic nerves from ventral, ampular and periductal regions are more age-dependent than the nerves from dorso-lateral regions.