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Com que la visio sistematica del mon juridic no li interessa, Llull se centra a difondre la seva nova cosmovisio i ensenyar els rudiments de l'Art a un public no especialista (o, per contra, coneixedor del dret, pero no de l'Art).
Per contra, one issue which arises overseas but not at home--and one Mr Riddell does discuss--is the relationship between aid and military activity.
Per contra, there is still at Camden Park a set of the 1805 three-decker edition of Lady Hertford's letters which was given as a present in 1808 to John Macarthur's daughter Elizabeth: but only volumes 1 and 2 bear the Camden Park bookplate while volume 3 has the Clint version of her brothers' plate.
82] et ibi Bartolus quod testamentum doctoris non rescinditur per contra tabulas.
Per contra, the betting industry's conflict of interest when pontificating on our fixture list is of monumental proportions.
The possibility of their existence, incidentally, points per contra to the weakness of the 'beauty out of pure function' theory.