per curiam

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Per Curiam

[Latin, By the court.] A phrase used to distinguish an opinion of the whole court from an opinion written by any one judge.

Sometimes per curiam signifies an opinion written by the chief justice or presiding judge; it can also refer to a brief oral announcement of the disposition of a case by the court that is unaccompanied by a written opinion.

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per curiam

adj. Latin for "by the court," defining a decision of an appeals court as a whole in which no judge is identified as the specific author.

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per curiam

‘by the court’.
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Co., appealed from the Eastern District of Missouri, per curiam
(2) An appellate court per curiam affirmed decision (PCA), meaning without a written opinion, (3) is an essential appellate practice primarily utilized by Florida's five district courts of appeal (DCA).
This is a review of an unpublished, per curiam decision of the court of appeals, State v.
I am pleased to concur in the per curiam opinion of the panel.
In a 15-page per curiam decision promulgated on Sept.
03-007-18) (14 pages) (per curiam) Appealed from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Puerto Rico (Case No.
The ruling was contained in a "per curiam" resolution that granted Espina's motion to reconsider the March 15, 2017 SC decision that reversed the Court of Appeals (CA) and affirmed his dismissal from the service ordered by the Office of the Ombudsman in 2012.
Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, per curiam) Appealed from U.S.
What is the process for deciding what cases are to be per curiam opinions?
In a 14-page resolution, the high court, in a per curiam decision, also 'sternly warned' Marcos and his counsels that 'any unfounded.
The per curiam decision in Goldberg and the panel's decision in Holtz