per se

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Per Se

[Latin, In itself.] Simply as such; in its own nature without reference to its relation.

In the law of Defamation, slander per se refers to certain language that is actionable as slander in and of itself without proof of special damages, such as the situation in which a person is falsely accused of having committed a crime. Defamation per se is in contradistinction to defamation per quod, which requires proof of special damages.


Libel and Slander.

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per se

(purr say) adj. Latin for "by itself," meaning inherently. Thus, a published writing which falsely accuses another of having a venereal disease or being a convicted felon is "libel per se," without further explanation of the meaning of the statement. (See: libel per se)

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per se

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But what if every defamation claim arising from statements on social mediaindeed every case arising from a written communicationis, under longstanding but seldom-cited Minnesota precedent, actionable without the need to prove actual damages regardless of whether it falls into one of the specified categories of defamation per se?
* "Per se" limit for marijuana when combined with alcohol or other drugs.
Four years ago, as Per Se's pastry chef, Boyles started helping from afar at The French Laundry.
We should not deprive ourselves the chance to enhance these procompetitive effects by applying a per se legality rule that questions their market consequences.
Heritability ([h.sup.2.sub.NS]) of yield per se was calculated based on regression approach given by Smith and Kinman, (1965).
Administrative judges at the EEOC have such a low tolerance for per se reprisal that generally, even if an underlying complaint of discrimination lacks merit, an employee may prevail in cases in which there is sufficient evidence of per se reprisal.
Law firms specializing in "nursing home negligence" will attempt to use the 2567 as evidence of negligence per se, giving the false impression that the presence of a deficiency always indicates negligence.
presumptions of fault, falsity, and damages are not permissible, and thus the common law doctrine of libel per se cannot apply." So the question became whether Scott Weier and Author Solutions were media defendants.
and charged with operating under the influence of liquor and operating under the influence of liquor greater than .08 percent per se and miscellaneous equipment violations.
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