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Camosse reported that "the once-in-five-years perambulation of the town bounds was carried out with representatives of adjoining communities: Millbury, Leicester, Oxford and Worcester.
Mary Ann Kilner's The Life and Perambulations of a Mouse (1783-1784) is a tongue-in-cheek autobiography of a mouse as dictated to a human narrator who interrupts the narrative at crucial moments to declare the impossibility of a mouse speaking, referring to "my little make-believe companion," (22) and thereby diminishing the potential subversiveness offered by the mouse's perspective on the humans who routinely persecute him.
One of them apparently reached a lakh before he gave up and continued his perambulations around the temple complex, even then reluctantly.
Charlie Chan, on the other hand, although his perambulations superficially resemble Poirot's, seems to be working in most of his travels.
WITH spring in the air, Mr Brocklebank plans some mindenhancing perambulations, such as visiting the Catalyst Museum, Widnes, curiously described as "We're almost the only science discovery centre to have chemistry as our main theme".
Unfortunately, his specific argument is difficult to distill from the perambulations of his discussion.
Rings of Saturn where he records his perambulations around
May Day was, in fact, being transformed from its more robust form, involving boisterous Jack-in-the-Greens, maypoles, and perambulations in town and country, into a framework of customs that accorded better with Victorian sentiments, with children, predominantly, garlanding or carolling in the neighbourhood.
He graciously hauled my dandelion and salal and blueberry wine, my cases of wild mushroom ketchup and cranberry relish, north and then south, and north again in our seasonal perambulations.
A concluding chapter describes "Geophysical travellers" and concentrates not on geological travel, but on the worldwide perambulations of a group of dedicated magneticians from the Carnegie Institute in Washington who operated during the first 35 years of the twentieth century.
As I have discovered in my perambulations in other places during my tenure with Americans United, church-state conflicts can pop up just about anywhere.
Despite the inherent cruelty of treating someone this way, however, the reasons for his perambulations along the space-time continuum are altruistic.