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The streaming video quality testing capabilities of Nemo tools will be enhanced by PEVQ-S, providing standardised exact qualification of video quality and the ability to benchmark video streaming QoE levels, as well as identify perceivable artifacts of network congestion and indicate the available headroom for optimisation.
The official, Martin Pfinsgraff, said that there was no perceivable benefit to banks working with alternative asset managers or shadow banks to skirt regulations and continue to have weak deals in the market.
This is a book for everyone, specialist and medieval weaponry aficionado alike: with nearly one hundred pages of illustrations, mostly in color of high quality, complete catalogues, and a comprehensive, and nearly exhaustive, survey that covers every perceivable kind of weaponry utilized by the premodern Muslim army.
The first difference was that this was the first property conference that I have been to in a long time where there was a perceivable buzz about market activity across the board, and not just surrounding the mega-deals worth billions of euros, dollars or pounds.
As with the reversible cube motif, two realities are perceivable, but not at the same time.
It has no perceivable edits and relies on just a few camera angles, thus giving it the effect of watching a live performance.
Hence the political fallout of the material to be collected by the Commission in the run up to the general elections is fairly perceivable," the petitioner stated.
It is an element relating to the other, less perceivable self.
Although there are perceivable differences between the behaviour of landlords and tenants, successful and long-term relationships can be achieved by both parties acknowledging and understanding these differences - at the same time benefitting the respective objectives.
It is loaded with gadgets of every perceivable order, but what impresses us the most is what is called the ' Heads Up' Display ( HUD).