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Mulayam Singh Yadav, perceivably a 'day dreamer', has taken a break from the state politics giving the baton to his son, for preparing to become the Prime Minister -- Lakshya 2014, the mission named
Given the aforementioned factors, Hispanic students who are also English Language Learners (ELL) but come to be placed in English-only programs perceivably find themselves at an increased risk level for learning problems, especially as regards learning to read in English.
Furthermore, it is not necessary for a CSR action to have a clear social contribution as long as it has the potential for a perceivably positive effect.
To get to Croton Creek Guest Ranch you fly into the obvious whitetail country about Oklahoma City, board a vehicle and speed westward, the terrain changing perceivably with each passing hour.
Once human trials progress into Phase III, it becomes increasingly difficult and perceivably risky to make critical changes.
As discussed earlier, Gottfredson (2005) suggested that, because of inadequate information about the accessibility of preferred or ideal careers and perceived barriers to those careers, individuals have a tendency to choose careers paths that are clearly delineated and perceivably attainable, such as careers of family members and friends or entry-level careers that do not require higher education.
Weston plays with our expectations of the genre to detail a rigid social system that cannot or will not accommodate those who are perceivably different.
There are also chances that clients may opt for a more perceivably attractive advertisement over a humorous one, and convincing them is not always easy.
But if so, it is not that nothing partite/composite is real, but that nothing perceivably heterogeneous is real.
Similarly, Goodwin & Klausmeier found that TV models imitated by children and adolescents serve as symbolic models perceivably affecting their lives, and this effect parallels the effect of human models in their lives (Goodwin & Klausmeier, 1975, PP481-476).
Dave Bellingham, race analyst Considering how much coverage and debate the whip issue has generated over the last few weeks I almost feel guilty in stating that from my point of view the image of the game has not perceivably changed, while having not ridden a horse since the age of seven (a very long time ago) I can't comment on how it feels from the jockeys' angle.
max], Table 1) of the XE2-B is perceivably lower than that achieved with XE2-B + Additive 1.