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Girl adolescents have been reported to perceive more threat from parental conflicts compared to boys (Arshad and Naz, 2012; Arfaie, Mohammadi, and Sohrabi, 2013; Cusimano, Angela, and Marie, 2013; Gull, Moeen, and Hassan, 2011; Jamil and Mubashir, 2012; Jelenova, Lacinova, and Prasko, 2013; Margolin and John, 1995).
Growing numbers of customers now purchase tourism products through websites and perceive that image and usefulness directly affect their purchase intentions (Chiang & Jang, 2007).
Night shift nurses perceive less support partly from their friends and family and reduce their motivation to work.
First, when African Americans perceive more racism, they may be more vulnerable to shyness, which has been associated with distress.
Bradberry (2007) posits that identifying one's career choice depends on one's personality traits and how one perceives a particular job.
People may decide to run the risk because they do not perceive it as too high, if compared to not hoped-for situations.
52 In terms of my relationship with this bank, I perceive more positive than negative things.
Based on this notion, Hui & Bateson (1991) proposed, tested, and found empirical support for the idea that consumers rate a service encounter more favorably when they perceive that they have more control over the situation.
If an argument is more directly related to the individuals arguing, they may be more likely to engage in the serial argument even though they perceive it as potentially not resolvable.
In other words, what you perceive your partner to be feeling influences different types of thoughts, feelings and reactions in yourself, whether what you perceive is actually correct," Sanford said.
Nearly 70% of adolescents aged 12-17 perceive great risk from smoking one or more packs of cigarettes per day.
In multivariate analyses, women who experienced new multipartnered fertility between surveys were less likely than those who did not to perceive support (odds ratio, 0.