perceive differences

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Students of those thinkers will certainly perceive differences; pinpointing and assessing them might be an instructive exercise.
It is unclear whether their participants were able to perceive differences in behavioral intentions of others' based on emotional expressions but did not base their decisions on this information or whether they were unable to draw information about intention from the expressions displayed during the brief interactions, and thus missed those cues to guide their decisions.
While evaluating a destination, tourists may perceive differences or similarities between the destination and their home countries.
Just as the sun and moon mirror each other in such a world, so Armageddon's threat brings with it sage reflections on how humans think, believe, and perceive differences between heaven and earth.
Consumers do perceive differences in bending modulus as related to thickness.
Citizens who use more than one hospital quickly perceive differences in charging schemes.
Problem statement: Can a consumer perceive differences between 2 floss technologies in factors that might affect patient compliance, such as perceived cleaning efficacy, comfort and overall liking?
Students perceive differences in school quality, measured as expected achievement improvements in a given school, and act on it.
Wit consists in the ability to perceive differences in what is similar
If buyers perceive differences on this global evaluation between male and female sellers, the differences are likely to be fairly important.
As tools like the Factiva/IBM offering catch on, the window for profit begins to slowly close because more people are able to perceive differences in information markets.
Napolitano's analysis also explores discusses how differences among various medical practices associated with medicina popular (popular medicine) and medicina alternativa (alternative medicine) can be similarly blurred when patients perceive differences between medicina popular, treatment by a curandero (healer), and homeopathy in relation to methods and styles of curing rather than etiological systems.