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In a similar manner, the relative experiences of the perceiver were a key for Berkeley as shown in the unifying of the likeness principle, ontological inherence, and anti-abstractionism (Berkeley, 1710, P.
We can view the perceiver's level of aesthetic pleasure as a factor of an artwork's structural incongruity (too much incongruity leads to confusion; too little leads to boredom) and the perceiver's capacity for coping (too much capacity leads to boredom; too little leads to confusion).
The chapter lists some characteristics of the effect (process initiation, personal qualities of the perceiver and target, cognitive schemas, various mediations, and so on).
By creating a performative analogy of an anarchist, free community, Mac Low allows perceivers of his work to recognize how sign systems and their concomitant limitations reinforce the organizing, ruling, and thus inhibiting effects of larger social institutions, allowing the reader as performer momentary freedom from such limitations.
Another dimension of substitution, proximal substitution, includes association across time and/or space (e.g., the die and the hand soap happened to be next to each other at some point in the perceiver's history).
Perceiver expectations: Perceivers interpret targets' behaviours to be consistent with their prior expectations.
The constituent and constitutive noise dissolves the boundary between Marlene the perceiver and the other woman as perceived.
It is the high demands that addressing contributory injustice places on a perceiver that render it a form of epistemic bad luck according to Fricker's account of epistemic injustice.
In a similar way, Frame refers to the filmic medium by framing the scene, reducing and compressing the space to a mere window opening in front of the viewer (i.e., perceiver), and converting space and time to bi-dimensional animated images: "At that time I was also making a sculpture called Base Plate Measure in which I was using measurement, it didn't seem to be very difficult to go from one measuring device in one material to another device in film" (Serra qtd.
Yet, these attitudes elicit a positive affective tone in the perceiver and tend to lead to behavior that is typically categorized as prosocial (e.g., helping) or intimacy seeking (Glick & Fiske, 1996, p.
This meaning assumes the perceiver senses the existence of a world beyond what we know.
15) defines internal requests as "a message receiver's psychological or physiological response to message stimuli, which produces a self command to attend," such that some linguistic forms and word choices can prompt internal requests to attend, because they increase verbal immediacy and thus reduce the psychological distance between the message and perceiver. Verbal immediacy is "the degree of directness between a communicator and the objects or events about which he or she is communicating" (Parrott 1995, p.