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Past research also suggests that professionals tend to resist using an information system if they perceive the system as threatening to their professional autonomy (Bhattacherjee & Hikmet, 2007).
Furthermore, consumers may perceive risk while paying online through debit, credit, or online banking, as they are required to share personal information while executing the payment.
Fishbein and Ajzen (1975) defined subjective norm as "the degree to which an individual perceives that most people who are important to him think he should, or should not, use the system" (p.
Or perhaps the extent of the racism that African Americans perceive exacerbates their shyness on distressed feelings.
We investigated whether or not Korean Americans (KA), Koreans living in the US (KU), and the Korean public in Korea (K) would perceive media
Morrison, (2000) has emphasized that cultural factors such as social norms can influence the way entrepreneurs perceive opportunities and this could represent significant barriers.
Possibility level: even though one only hopes for uncertain outcomes, s/he must perceive them as possible (Lazarus, 1999), but a desire can be a mere fantasy, so one can desire something which is perceived to be impossible.
Whether their arguing partner perceives the argument in a similar way would be an interesting question for future research.
If a person perceives the other as angry, they will perceive a threat so they will respond with a hard emotion like anger or blame.
As a dimension of value, what the customer perceives as customer service is what keeps the customer returning.
For example, an individual who perceives persons with disabilities as economic burdens to the welfare system (cognition), may be overly cordial and friendly when encountering someone with a visible disability on an elevator (perceived as a behavioral gesture of a positive attitude), however, may have strong negative feelings toward this population (affect).
An athlete who perceives less fatigue on a given task, is more likely to feel more self-confident in that situation, to use his or her resources more efficiently and to make better decisions.