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but perceiving that he whom he had laid hold of did not move or stir, he concluded that he was dead and that those in the room were his murderers, and with this suspicion he raised his voice still higher, calling out, "Shut the inn gate; see that no one goes out; they have killed a man here
When perceiving social exclusion, they react conservatively to the outside world and adopt a strong preventative motivation to resist outside influences (Park & Baumeister, 2015).
Decomposition of the two-way interaction suggests that when perceived parental approval of drinking is low, college students perceiving parental monitoring as high consume alcohol less frequently than those perceiving lower parental monitoring.
However, when perceiving less racism, African Americans would be able to maintain low psychological distress across different levels of self-esteem.
The relation between perceived risk and preventive action: a within-subject analysis of perceiving driving risk and intention to wear seatbelts.
Despite perceiving more stress, TMD cases had lower cortisol levels than controls.
Parental acceptance-rejection theory suggests that relation with the divine being can be predicted through perceived parental acceptance or rejection, where acceptance by parents may lead to perceiving the super natural being God as loving or accepting whereas perceived parental rejection may result in perceiving God as malevolent (Rohner, Khaleque, and Cournoyer 2006).
Perceiving the argument as functioning to solve behavioral incompatibilities was positively related to perceived relational harm and perceiving the argument as functioning to gain or give knowledge was negatively related to perceived relational harm.
In logistic regression analyses controlling only for parity, mother's and father's multipartnered fertility were negatively associated with perceiving all three types of support (odds ratio, 0.