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At Palmdale High, 64 percent of sophomores passed math, compared with 63 percent the prior year.
Ninety-three percent of companies say their compensation committees have stock ownership guidelines or requirements for senior executives, and 88 percent of companies have stock ownership guidelines or requirements for directors; 32 percent established the director guidelines within the past year.
When asked about enrollment of boys in their programs, 42 percent said they had increased while 22 percent had decreased.
A total of 36 percent of respondents indicated that they are in hospitals with 100 or more physicians on staff; 31 percent are in hospitals with budgets of $100 million or more; and 31 percent are in hospitals with 2000 or more employees.
Two years ago, 20 percent indicated that hands-on experience from events, trips, and SEA trials was one of the more important aspects of the program.
9 percent were driven by bias against groups of individuals in which more than one race was reported (anti-multiple races, group).
As a result of the dramatic growth of China's exports (40 percent plus), there has been a speculative build-up of foreign exchange reserves because of perceptions that China may have to revalue the currency in order to lessen trade tensions with the United States and other countries.
72 percent of 4,546 respondents to a survey conducted by Hi-Ho Marketing Service said it loud and clear: Beer
Stayed the same--renewal, 45 percent; conversion, 39 percent.
On consummation of the proposed merger and divestiture, four of the seven commercial banking organizations that would compete with BB&T each would control more than 10 percent of market deposits, including a competitor that would control more than 21 percent of market deposits and a large multistate bank holding company that would control more than 11 percent of market deposits.
According to the Times, 65 percent of them turned their backs on such church school aid, while 35 percent embraced it.
Seventeen percent of the women and 6 percent of the men said "yes.