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Director evaluations: Thirty-eight percent of companies performed individual director evaluations in 2005, and 45 percent are planning to do such evaluations in 2006, up sharply from the 27 percent in 2004.
Seventy percent said 2005 camper weeks were equal to or higher than last year.
7 percent: MHA/MHS, 6 percent; American College of Physician Executives CPE designation, 3 percent; and LLB, 2 percent.
Fifteen percent of the buildings provided electricity, 12 percent provided Jacuzzis.
Fifty-four percent cited rotations and another 22 percent cited the flexibility that the program offers.
9 percent resulted from anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
7 percent in capacity, based on available seat miles (ASMs).
have also grown, from about $47 billion in 1980 to $132 billion in 2000, an increase of more than 280 percent.
The major concern of the authorities is the fact that the investment share of GDP has risen to about 45 percent from 35 percent during the mid-1990s.
2 percent said a full-time staff offers the best assurance of procuring quality human resources.
Decreased--renewal, 20 percent; conversion, 27 percent.