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And when you look at the top four divisions as a whole, Carvalhal ranks as the second-best appointment of the campaign, with only Chris Powell at Southend United having a better win percentage (66.
In the 10 communities listed here, and in an 11th community, Oklahoma City, the percentage of participants who had a body mass index over 30 increased by more than 10 percentage points between 2002 and 2012.
63 Percentage of married folk who completely trust their spouse's money management skills, according to the Country Financial Security Index survey.
The court determined the appropriate rate was the federal short-term rate plus 2 percentage points, the rate prescribed for corporate taxpayers.
7 percent in April and down one-tenth of a percentage point from May 2005.
Northern Manhattan condominiums saw the highest percentage increase, climbing 46% to a median of $364,609.
The data in this graph, based on a recent national telephone survey, indicate that a high percentage of Muslims in the U.
This map shows the percentage of each state's total population that claims Hispanic or Latino ancestry.
For example, that act provides that defendants determined to be less than 60% at fault are liable solely for damages proportionate to their percentage of fault, and not for any portion of harm done by any other entity.
During that period, in the 50 villages studied in the Rakai district, the percentage of men with more than one sexual partner somewhat increased, condom use greatly increased but to well tinder 100%, and the incidence of new HIV infections remained relatively stable.
M, i [not equal to] j, a one-sided upper equicoordinate p X 100 percentage point g is such that