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For Federal income tax purposes, T, in effect, deducts the remaining percentage face value of the voucher from gross income when the voucher is redeemed for a ticket.
What percentage of Afghanistan's people are Muslim?
Plans designed before any compensation limits were imposed frequently gave everyone an employer contribution equal to the same percentage of pay.
Since 1994, bad debt expenses as a percentage of the receivable portfolio has remained constant.
The project encapsulated a variety of per capita criteria including, the percentages of collegiate and professional football fans, number of NFL players who hail from the state, percentage of high school football players in the state and percentage of high school players who have letters-of-intent to play for NCAA Division I-A colleges and universities.
Appliances Market (2015): Percentage Share Breakdown of Unit
Percentage of global spread of infected computers in the US, according to Finjaris Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC): 45
The minimum household income required to buy the median-price home in California rose above $100,000 for the first time in April as affordability sank by an annualized 7 percentage points, to 20 percent, a trade group reported Thursday.
Percentage of Americans who say that they are uncertain whether they will meet their personal savings goals for retirement 31
The base amount is the fixed-base percentage (determined by dividing the taxpayer's aggregate qualified research expenses for tax years beginning after 1983 and ending before 1999, by its aggregate gross receipts for those years, not to exceed 16%), multiplied by the taxpayer's average annual gross receipts for the four tax years preceding the credit year.
Actual contribution percentage and actual deferral percentage nondiscrimination testing for 401(k) plans.
For the most part, relative price movements among the 260 individual components of the IP index are likely to have little visible effect on total IP However, the more frequent updating of the relative price of the output of the computer industry could lower overall IP growth in some years by as much as 1/2 percentage point, in other years, the updating of weights will have virtually no effect.