percentage of ownership

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They stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would open the door for foreign companies to invest in the wholesale and retail sectors for their products with ownership proportions should exceed those committed by KSA in the WTO and up to the percentage of ownership (100%), in accordance with the conditions and regulations which will be developed by the relevant authorities in the Kingdom.
The minority or woman must have operational and managerial control, interest in capital, and earnings commensurate with the percentage of ownership.
The new law also tackles the regulation of the union of owners, which comprises all owners of real estate units, and ensures that all the rights and commitments of owners are clear depending on the percentage of ownership.
The subscription right allows shareholders to maintain the same percentage of ownership they had before the new stock issuance within a certain expiry date for subscription.
With the acquisition complete, NanoTech shareholders of record as of February 6, 2015 will be allocated shares in HVEL equivalent to their percentage of ownership in NTEK.
The companies are entering into a joint venture on these projects with PK receiving a percentage of ownership.
It has created a business environment through a number of measures including the plans to revitalise the capital market, raising the percentage of ownership by non-Qataris to shares of companies listed on Qatar Exchange, it said.
High percentage of ownership can indicate an area is desirable, the residents are content, and the Carlsbad home prices are stable.
The programme will be funded in majority by an equity injection from both joint-venture partners, as per their percentage of ownership, the rest through Beyti's financial debt.
Percentage of ownership and profit can be negotiated for the new company.
The UAE has completed the drafting of a long-awaited law that could allow foreign investors to have a varied percentage of ownership in some projects, depending on the type of investment and size of the project.
It also provides collateral pool-specific information, including market value of the pool and the client's percentage of ownership.

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