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Although the CMC equation was a considerable improvement over CIELAB, its development was based on the acceptability of textile color matches rather than perceptibility criteria.
Hence, it is a trade-off between the stego image perceptibility and the extracted secret image quality.
However, it is worth noting that, at the time of the study, the New Zealand spending changes, unlike those in the United Kingdom, were not the subject of great publicity by either government or opposition, which might otherwise have increased their perceptibility.
From the results we can observe that the quality of the watermark is good in terms of perceptibility and PSNR.
The perceptibility of minimum quotas would have to be determined with careful attention to the particular features of sports.
value of 1 is frequently used as the 50:50% perceptibility threshold, i.
Focusing on recent research about the nature of disability and the ethics of universal and accessible design, Erlandson makes clear distinctions amongst universal, accessible and adaptable design, describes disability and disability laws and how they relate to accessible design, gives examples of universal design principles and strategies, and explains such concepts as ergonomic and cognitive soundness, perceptibility, flexibility, error-proofing, efficiency, stability, predictability, equitable treatment, and ethics.
79) Heidegger returns to an investigation of the capacities of the soul during his 1931 lecture course, Aristotle's Metaphysics [THETA] 1-3: On the Essence and Actuality of Force, "The [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], just like that of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], is [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-the openness of beings, and in a special manner the perceptibility of things.
8) The legal doctrine of terra nullius, an "empty land," held sway in Australia until the High Court overturned it in 1992 with the Mabo decision and offers stark testimony to the differential power of one account over another in defining not only difference but establishing presence, by establishing the terms of even being seen: an historical perceptibility that empowered possibilities of self-and territorial possession in the present.
These coffee fumes, though innocuous to many in the trade, have been labeled a nuisance by neighbors throughout the land, prompting strict legislation and regulation aimed at curbing the sensory perceptibility of the fumes in question.
Prefaced with a treatment of "auspicious performance" (mangala), it is divided into the following sections: knowing veridicality, production of veridical cognition, characterizing veridical awareness, perceptual presentation of something as other than what it is, characterizing perception, sensory connection, inherence, non-cognition, absence, the connection of the sense object and light, the perceptibility of air, the fiery character of gold, the mind's atomicity, apperception, indeterminate perception, qualifiers versus indicators, and, finally, determinate perception.
Consequently, simplification models are needed which can incorporate cartographic generalization concepts and thus guarantee their perceptibility.