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Non-Qatari individuals' net profit booking weakened perceptibly to QR2.3mn compared to QR5mn on Sunday.
Object of the contract includes the investor's supervision tasks: "Design and construction of reinforced concrete perceptibly fire in forestry Beech Mountain." The precise scope of the supervised tasks included in the functional and operational program (Appendix 1 hereto).
Ian is a reliable lead, convincingly shuttling between a disengaged media man and a despondent patriarch at the desperate end of his tether-and we appreciate his 'perceptibly conscious' decision to veer as far away from acting choices that could be viewed as thespically phlegmatic.
More than two million people in disengaged towns in the second-most swarmed state of the country have been removed and around a fourth of a million houses squashed in the most perceptibly terrible surge to have hit the nation in the last 50 years.
DUBAI: There's something perceptibly royal about the Indian city of Jodhpur, a former princely state known for its glorious palaces, forts and temples.
April may come to be known as the month in which oil market sentiment turned perceptibly bullish.
Perceptibly sturdier wooden boats cost more, at between 1,800 and 2,500 euros per passenger.
With the company generating around 40% of revenues in Lithuania and Poland, investors were perceptibly worried over the news.
Each is painstakingly re-created, as close to their real-world counterparts as gaming has yet managed, and they all handle with perceptibly different nuances for each individual vehicle.
As the conversation with the six students progressed, the mood in the room turned perceptibly from celebratory to reflective and downcast.
Putin is, I believe, not currently intent on regaining lost power and in"uence across the former Soviet Union but this could change because the psychological atmosphere has changed perceptibly.
And I'm afraid we will see them becoming more visible as Parliament perceptibly turns into a machine that enacts laws successively in accordance with the wishes of one man in power.