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Educational strategies adapted by educators, their motivation and attitudes are directly proportional to positive perceptions of students about their educational environment5,6.
The authors sought to estimate the prevalence of phantom odor, defined as the perception of an unpleasant, bad, or burning odor when no actual odor exists, and to identify factors associated with this condition.
Stemmer Imaging has been supplying Perception Park's chemical colour imaging (CCI) software technology as a distributor since January 2016.
Furthermore, there is another area of our perception that I happen to love, the physical perception.
The perception score was based on a scale of 0-100, where 0= the defect is strongly unattractive, and 100= the defect is relatively attractive.
The assessment report with a scorecard on pre-poll fairness perception is based on an 11-point pre-poll fairness framework and has received an overall score of 51.5pc on a scale of 100.
Scores on each of the 11 parameters are as follows: The 2 parameters that have fallen in the Highly Unfairscale based on the scores received are Perception of Neutrality of Military towards competing political parties and candidates receiving the lowest score of 33.4 per cent, followed by the parameter of Perception of Freedom of Private Media from the influence of State institutions and vested interests receiving a score of 37.8 per cent.
Reload Seeks to Engage the Service Provider for Conducting the Citizens Perception Survey in 21 Partner Lgs.
Ninety-four percent of Filipinos 'say they believe in heaven,' even as the perception is that only 82 percent actually do look to an afterlife paradise.
The 3D phenomenon [6] is a new and insufficiently investigated process of visual perception. For the first time, the information about novel abilities of vision was published in the auxiliary materials of our invention (patent number 226499 RU).
Media use is often perceived as the primary source of risk perception (Bastide, Moatti, & Fagnani, 1989).
The new trailer for "Perception" was shared exclusively online through ( GameSpot .