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Derickson perceptively notes that the progressives imported many of their ideas from abroad.
perceptively notes in the pope's own thought the tension between metaphysical (Thomistic) and phenomenological strands, seeing them as complementary.
Siddons writes perceptively of the inner life of a girl entering adulthood, and of another struggling with the challenges of dealing with a sexual obsession.
Just as Cain himself perceptively and gently observed as the dead fetal tissue was earlier being removed: "Not just skin cells, is it?
Harris notes perceptively the importance of black labor in the New York City region.
Clayton had very perceptively realized that "for many Muslims the recent hostilities have done great damage to the partnership in which we were engaged together until only recently.
Simultaneously, Thomas perceptively evaluates Jones as tactician, strategist, and leader.
Micklethwait and Wooldridge mostly tell the story of the purely political part of the Right Nation's saga, and they do so perceptively and entertainingly.
Ruble (Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies) perceptively argues that, in an era of capitalist industrial development, spectacular demographic growth (largely the result of in-migration), and deep social diversity and fragmentation, an inclusionary approach to municipal governance--what he calls "pragmatic pluralism"--could (and did) advance community interests.
Thus the Duke's ostensibly comforting speech to Claudio in Measure for Measure "gains much of its power through rhetorical slight of hand" (31); Tromly also perceptively reveals how strategies of consolation in King Lear prove inadequate.
As Goldin perceptively noted, "The idea of wedding art to technology is tremendously appealing.
and Botstein perceptively surmises in passing that Mahler seems to belong more to any other era than his own because through his music, he "[revealed] the extent to which the world was broken" (p.