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Enhanced with the inclusion of a comprehensive introduction by editors Borbala Farago and Michaela Schrage-Fruh offering a valuable overview and rare insight into the work and the myriad influences both private and public of this mysterious poet, "The Unfixed Horizon" perceptively charts the history through which the poet has lived.
What comes through is that China perceptively exploited the competition among top US companies to be a part of the modern equivalent of the 19th century "cutting of the Chinese melon".
The relationship between the three boys is sensitively and perceptively drawn.
'I'm not sure being a fan of the team you manage is necessarily a good thing," he notes, perceptively. "When you're winning, life is rosy.
That's reason enough to read her for those who hope to engage the New Testament perceptively. Since nearly every important character in the New Testament is Jewish, including Jesus and his mother, appreciating the intrinsic Jewish elements in these texts is enhanced by having a friendly insider offering you the backstory.
The deceased represented a perceptively moderate Arab view of Islam, the ambassador concluded.
He explains how to change the context of selling by asking what they can give to clients instead of what clients can give them; listen perceptively, connect the community, define leads, find the value proposition, guide the sales journey, and teach content to sell; create a platform and online presence, become an authority in the field, mine networks to create interdepartmental relationships, build the sales journey, and finish the sale; and be a sales coach and hire, train, equip, and incentivize the sales guide model in a team setting.
James Obelkevich in a lively review of the superb Veronese exhibition currently at the National Gallery, very properly takes its curator (and his catalogue) to task for an end-product which 'although dealing very perceptively with the pictures as art ...
The book presents a recollection of Shastri's childhood, his adult and public life poignantly narrated by his son, Anil Shastri and perceptively interpreted by Pavan Choudary.
In taste tests Delyte[TM] has performed better than full-fat equivalents, providing indulgence in both texture and mouth-feel and making sauce and dessert formulations perceptively creamier, but healthier.
He perceptively noted that Israel has made tremendous gains from two strands of its grand strategy: politics of fragmentation and the politics of deflection.
And so we, at Tablet, have perceptively discerned that Mr.