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Perceptiveness can be described as having an understanding of other's verbal and non verbal behavior and actions.
Perceptiveness is essential in diplomacy to discern key moments and points of debate, potential consensus and pitfalls.
This narrative complexity, however, only intensifies the draw of Gilbert's finely wrought prose, which teems with elaborate word plays and tests the reader's perceptiveness at every turn.
He said: "British people question with some justice and perceptiveness that we are witnessing the slow erosion of our independent decision-making on essential issues which determine whether we are or will remain an independent sovereign nation.
His leadership and contributions were characterized by sensitivity, perceptiveness, vision, ethics, wisdom, global standards and great industry.
Much that has happened in the years since his death only demonstrates the perceptiveness of his analysis.
This functionality highlights the device's enhanced perceptiveness allowing users to navigate more easily to their favourite websites, change TV channels or do quick calculations while viewing miscellaneous content.
Her courage, lyricism, perceptiveness and intelligence won her the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993.
This means entering into dialogue with a perceptiveness and willingness to consider how both the views of others as well as one's own on an ethical issue are grounded in "fundamental concerns about learning, choosing and loving" (199-200).
The Moon passes through your sign Scorpio and in so doing ups your perceptiveness.
Welsh friends and Welsh mediums seem to have this highly-developed spiritual sense, a high intelligence and sensitivity - it's a perceptiveness and degree of awareness that you don't find in other parts of the UK.