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Perceptiveness can be described as having an understanding of other's verbal and non verbal behavior and actions.
Perceptiveness is essential in diplomacy to discern key moments and points of debate, potential consensus and pitfalls.
When you return to native ground, you're more likely to possess the sort of perceptiveness that Isaiah Berlin says is the basis of political judgment.
Having boarded with the Speaker major domestic and regional developments of major bearing on Lebanese politics, Mikati reiterated that Berri's perceptiveness qualifies him to become the correct referent.
His leadership and contributions were characterized by sensitivity, perceptiveness, vision, ethics, wisdom, global standards and great industry.
This is a consequence of difficult decisions to be made in any such study, and Oram is generally to be praised for the perceptiveness and coverage he provides.
But the pictures themselves are illuminated with the heightened perceptiveness that comes with risk.
First-time helmer Chen Zhuo demonstrates tact and perceptiveness when exploring his protag's fragile inner world as she stumbles to make sense of and assert her blossoming sexuality.
This functionality highlights the device's enhanced perceptiveness allowing users to navigate more easily to their favourite websites, change TV channels or do quick calculations while viewing miscellaneous content.
Her courage, lyricism, perceptiveness and intelligence won her the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993.
Over three decades, Pam contributed more than three dozen book reviews covering a wide variety of topics, applying her intelligence and perceptiveness well beyond her primary academic interests in American art and architecture.
The Odds is a fast read, delightful in its candor and moving in its perceptiveness.