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Based on these results, the experimental program consisted in driving tests carried out by a sample of 93 drivers for the absolute perceptivity and 47 drivers for the relative perceptivity.
From this I can isolate three critical elements of Bakhtin's thought which might underpin the artist's book's theoretical act of enunciation: self-consciousness, discursive perceptivity and self-reflexivity (or bookness).
That motion, I think, is the movement of the subconscious perceptivity coming through to the threshold of consciousness, and it is a genuine motion; that is to say, there is an emergence of subconscious perceptivity which, by whatever names it gets itself called, universally occurs.
Schopenhauer's belief in the unique perceptivity of the contemplative artistic genius appealed to Maupassant, who inherited from his master Gustave Flaubert a similar faith in the artist's special powers of discernment (Vial 115).
Thus the results of biopolymer composite TFE/VDF-HA research are show the perceptivity of application of proposes material as carcass for the bone engineering on the intramedullary implant surface.
40 Fur-thermore, Winkler S et al showed that salt and bitter taste acuity declines with age, but sweet and sour perceptivity does not change with ageing.
He said Ayesha's paintings reflected her unique perceptivity about ordinary subjects.
Picture book author/illustrator Jessica Meserve weaves a heart-warming story of family relationships with wit and perceptivity.
Bruce Uhrmacher question whether the aesthetic themes of connections, risk-taking, perceptivity, imagination, sensory experience, and active engagement, distilled conceptually from John Dewey's ideas, would make for more engaged learning in "Aesthetic Themes of Education and the Art of Teaching.
Being, understood as world-open perceptivity, requires the body's openness to the world.
Trilling's cynical--though admittedly sophisticated--reaction to the protest is extreme, but it is useful to note her perceptivity in recognizing the malleability and fluidity of the protest community.
the architect's extent and perceptivity of the characteristics of the contemporary environment, and his astute awareness of the context in which he works, in addition to the boldness with which he uses modern building materials and technologies.