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PERCH, measure. The length of sixteen feet and a half: a pole or rod of that length. Forty perches in length and four in breadth make an acre of land.

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Perchers are good for shorter people because they are quite transparent and don't make you look like you're all hat.
Metallic percher with black rhinestone and black plumage POR, by Marie Claire Ferguson
She then was a percher at Stevens Linen Associates in Dudley and at Anglo Fabrics Company in Webster before retiring in 1980.
The tale's initial question-what leads a man to exile himself on a mountaintop-is posed once again as a transition to the second framed narrative, that of the hermit himself: "Quelle drole d'idee vous avez eue de venir vous percher sur ce sommet?
L'acte de peser les realisations passees ne reconnalt plus ce genre de contraintes: qu'il s'agisse de resumer <<ma grande decouverte 1892>> (C, XXVII, 771) ou de se percher de nouveau en critique sur <<les enseignements, dogmes, livres, arguments de la religion>> (839), la procedure emprunte le meme chemin, celui de deborder l'espace de la page pour mieux tracer les contours fondamentaux de la reflexion.
This taught me patience and stealth, and I was able to capture plenty of damselflies and perchers, who would remain in place and "pose" nicely for the camera.