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PERCH, measure. The length of sixteen feet and a half: a pole or rod of that length. Forty perches in length and four in breadth make an acre of land.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Poachers continued to decimate the schools until perching was a hit-or-miss operation.
Raptors perching on overhead electric power poles (hereafter poles) can result in electrocution mortalities (APLIC 2006; Dwyer and others 2013) and electric shock injuries (Wendel and others 2002; Dwyer 2006), including incidents in the northwestern US (Harness and Wilson 2001; Harness and Kratz 2007; Dwyer and others 2015).
Conversely, small species may gain some protection from larger predators (larger dragonflies and birds) by flying and perching close to the water's surface.
XS3 chair from Outgang can be rotated into three distinct seating positions--reclined, bench and perching stool.
The way they forage on flowers, hovering instead of perching, allows them a high efficiency in flower visitation, with more than 30 flowers visited per minute, but is very expensive in terms of energy expenditure (Hainswoth and Wolf 1978).
For example, the Cornell team interprets a white smear beside a tree trunk as the distinctive topside wing patch on a partially hidden, perching ivory-billed.
We're always going to be responding to those calls." The nonprofit group HawkWatch International is training volunteers to identify electrocution "hot spots," locate electrocuted or perching birds, and, recommend retrofitting of problem poles.