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13; AOAC, 2000) is based on a nitric to perchloric acid ratio ranging from 2 to 3:1 v/v, whereas the official Brazilian method of INCT-CA (method M-003/1; Detmann et al.
This result could be explained by the interconversion of 5-formyltetrahydrofolate and 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate that occurs at the low pH (28) during protein precipitation in the presence of perchloric acid.
Table--1: Effect of the concentration of DPSO, BPSDC, perchloric acid, solvent composition and temperature on reaction rates [BPSDC] [DPSO] [HCl[O.
Kinetics and mechanism of Mn (II) catalyzed oxidation of D-Arabinose and D-xylose by chromium (vi) ions in perchloric acid medium".
2003, "A kinetic study of the oxidation of 3-and 4-pyridinemethanol and 3- and 4- pyridinecarboxyaldehyde by Chromium (VI) in perchloric acid medium", Transition Metal Chemistry, 27, 110-115.
Sample preparation was similar to our previous protocol (6), except that the volumes were decreased: 100 [micro]L of calibrator, quality control or patient sample (EDTA plasma) was treated with 10 [micro]L of perchloric acid (150 g/L),10 [micro]L sodium tungstate (250 g/L), and 50 [micro]L of internal calibrator solution (15 mg/L MPAC in acetonitrile).
5), and cellular proteins were precipitated by addition of 312 [micro]L 10% perchloric acid.
Two methods were used to measure total P on finely ground soil: (i) perchloric acid digestion (Sommers and Nelson 1972) and (ii) modified Kjeldhal digestion with sulfuric acid/potassium sulfate (Heffernan 1985).
EPA, with assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and the Knoxville Bomb Squad, detonated shook sensitive and reactive materials which included perchloric acid, nitrates, sodium hypophosphate and picric acid.
Perchloric acid acetic acid anhydrous for valuation non-aqueous liquids c (hci04) = 0.
Perchloric reagent was prepared as follows: two hundred milliliter of concentrated nitric acid was added to 100 mL of distilled water cooled down then 200 mL perchloric acid (70%) was added.
Perchloric acid (PCA) or TCA was added at a final concentration of 30 mL/L and 50 g/L, respectively, from 700 mL/L and 600 g/L stock solutions.