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ions on the anodic behaviour of nickel in perchloric acid solution was examined in the concentration interval of anions from [10.
5 g NaCl, 1000 ml water; autoclave to sterilize 10% TCA: dilute concentrated 100% liquid trichloroacetic acid 1/10 with water 5% PCA: dilute concentrated 70% perchloric acid 1/14 with water For orcinol assay of RNA: RNA standard: 100 [micro]g/ml RNA from baker's yeast (sigma-Aldrich R6750, $80.
The samples were deproteinized by adding 33 [micro]L of perchloric acid (1.
2 mol/L perchloric acid using Bioanalytical Systems microfilters.
Reaction mixture containing an excess of oxidant [BPSDC] over DPSO in the presence of perchloric acid were kept at room temperature for the sufficient length of time.
Phosphorus was analysed by digestion with nitric acid and perchloric acid (2:1) for a minimum of 12 h, and determined in 7.
The insect storage carbohydrate [Alpha],[Alpha]-trehalose was absent from the perchloric acid (PCA) extracts of control adult Drosophila in contrast to the larval situation.
The rumen nucleic acid bases were extracted from freeze-dried samples using perchloric acid, as described by Zinn and Owens [17].
Hajela, Silica Supported Perchloric Acid Catalyzed Rapid N-formylation under Solvent-Free Conditions, Tetrahedron Lett.
10 mL of nitric acid and perchloric acid (2:1 ratio) was added into it and let it stand overnight.
Analytical Procedure: The analytical procedure was carried out by wet digestion method using Nitric- Perchloric acid (HNO3-HCLO4) digestion method (Allen, 1974).
Process-specific models are PVC, polypro, phenolic or stainless steel-lined for perchloric acid or acid digestion.