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A dramatic demonstration is also particularly crucial in a poem whose erratic narrator, perhaps testing our own percipience, sometimes calls Lamia "the serpent" and sometimes "a lady" and says here that "she was a maid," elsewhere that she was just "playing woman's part" (1:113, 146, 171, 185, 337).
80-20 Software announced at KMWorld 2000 today, that it has licensed its 80-20 Darwin concept retrieval technology to Percipience Software Inc.
The Iron Chancellor is not for turning; he isn't thinking long term of all the economic and human casualties of his wisdom and percipience.
James, also capable of being a Roi Triste, could oversimplify in self-defeating percipience, as when he denied a barrier between his public and private selves (p.
The 1967 White Paper, a sign-post along this path to oblivion, was criticised at the time, with some percipience, not for ordering the decline, but for announcing it too explicitly.
HARRISON is a cofounder and Principal in Percipience LLC, a board-level advisory firm focused on intellectual property strategy and management, quantifying and mitigating IP risk, increasing IP value capture and focused innovation.
Tennyson represented opiates in terms of forgetfulness of family, country, and duty ("The Lotos-Eaters") or numb percipience, even potential madness (In Memoriam).
Highly equipped as a poet, she served her apprenticeship in New York at the feet of poets like Joseph Brodsky, but draws on the Welsh-language tradition and on European modernism for effects that are startling in their percipience and emotive power.