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If Lamia is vanquished at the end, it is by superior force, not percipience, and the tragedy lies not in Lycius's death (as the last five lines suggest, quoting Apollonius' perspective), but in hers: in the defeat of percipience and wisdom by prejudice, authority, influence, and public opinion.
Indeed, Saruman's percipience becomes turned even against his ostensible allies.
The current study has extended past research by elucidating Merleau-Ponty's full phenomenological account of object perception, his motor intentionality, and his doctrine of the embodiment of percipience. These findings highlight the importance of examining Merleau-Ponty's doctrine of the body, his discussion of the distinction between an appearance and a reality, his theory of knowledge, and his doctrine of meaning.
This representation of inability becomes scriptive proof of the mind's percipience and stability--of the mind's unwilled relation to a transcendental order, and thus of the mind's powerful univocity--its potential for mental domination of the other.
With great percipience the BBC had elected to follow Red Rum's preparation for the 1973 Grand National, and every year since the only wonder was that more horses and people did not fall over the TV cables stretching from the broadcasting vans.
Shullenberger's percipience illuminates the seriousness with which his premise requires to be taken.
Second, these start-ups developed a cognitive map of cause-effect relationships between specific processes and their outcomes (which we term transparency), and an understanding of the timing and selection of specific processes to deploy in combination with others in response to varying institutional or market conditions (termed percipience).
The notion that a publisher might suppose his readers to be individuals capable of sustained reflection, percipience, and original thought is a refreshing one, let us admit.
Aesthetic percipience part 1: The value of supporting gifted students' appreciation of and affinity for the fine arts.
In Terror and Consent, the author observes with percipience that "it is becoming increasingly apparent that al Qaeda is not only a reaction to globalization, but that it is a manifestation and exploitation of globalization" and that "this looming intersection of an innovative organization and a novel means of terror will require a fundamental rethinking of conventional doctrines in international security and foreign policy." The same factors that facilitate the evolution of nation-states into market states devoted to maximizing the opportunity of individuals also permit the evolution of terrorism by increasing the vulnerabilities of democratic societies, thereby jeopardizing the notion of consent as the key component of state legitimacy.
In any case, so Opus Dei argues, women have an instinctive aptitude for creating a homelike environment; and as Allen remarks with his usual percipience, it's easier for women to talk about such things as being mothers when men, who prefer to talk about sport, aren't present.
(1) Swift probably never met Hogarth, and it is a tribute to his percipience that, from his base in Dublin, he was able to identify this coming talent.