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If Lamia is vanquished at the end, it is by superior force, not percipience, and the tragedy lies not in Lycius's death (as the last five lines suggest, quoting Apollonius' perspective), but in hers: in the defeat of percipience and wisdom by prejudice, authority, influence, and public opinion.
Indeed, Saruman's percipience becomes turned even against his ostensible allies.
The current study has extended past research by elucidating Merleau-Ponty's full phenomenological account of object perception, his motor intentionality, and his doctrine of the embodiment of percipience.
These resulting experiences enhanced the transparency of cause-effect relationships between organizing processes and outcomes, and helped build percipience with regard to which process was likely to yield the desired goals.
Aesthetic percipience part 2: Instructional strategies that support gifted students' appreciation of and affinity for the fine arts.
With remarkable percipience, North predicted and called for new and creative learning protocols such as have emerged in the last twenty years, and which have helped rejuvenate writing instruction in the academy.
We can think of no other magazine that regularly brings together such literary and critical percipience.
Bercovitch's work remains one of the most persuasive arguments for how American literature confronted the problem--noted with greatest percipience by Tocqueville--of the American desire to elevate the individual, and yet to incorporate the individual into the community.
In order to make room for the three great masters of the sonnet among his contemporaries Pushkin further omits from Wordsworth's list both Edmund Spenser (though elsewhere he named Spenser, with Milton and Shakespeare, as an Englishman deserving to be ranked with Dante, Ariosto, and Calderon [Wolff, 128]) and John Milton (though Tatiana Wolff warmly praises "the extraordinary percipience of his short comment on Milton's character in his review of Chateaubriand's translation of Paradise Lost," in which he has "proved able to sum up the quality of the man" [Wolff, 486]).
Chapman argues that early photography also seemed occult because it could "see" in darkness and imprint otherwise invisible traces on paper, a gendered phenomenon because chaotic darkness was so often considered feminine in contrast to masculine light and luminous percipience.
He's performed in the capital before, of course, but one of his little-known visits would never have been recorded except for the percipience of a young reporter.
The keys to the successful use of these mathematical tools in managerial applications are a percipience of the numbers under evaluation, an understanding of the sophisticated mathematical tools, and a mastery of the context in which results of the analysis will be applied.