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Percipient Networks' flagship product, Strongarm, stops phishing and malware attacks by offering a security-focussed domain name system service.
Percipient Networks also employs a threat analysis team who engages with the IT managers and managed service providers (MSPs) to provide additional insights into attacks and how to prevent them in the future.
DISPLACEMENT: A form of ESP shown by a percipient who consistently obtains information about a target that is one or more removed, spatially or temporally, from the actual target designated for that trial.
13) That is, a certain element of mindfulness has surely crept into his account when he describes a percipient event as a 'standpoint for perception' (CN, p.
Well, they probably do have to comply with the subpoena's demand and probably will have to provide testimony as a percipient witness.
This symbolic reference is the active synthetic element contributed by the nature of the percipient.
Second, concerning the hylomorphic interpretation of time, the medieval Aristotelian, Avicenna, explicitly identifies motion with the material condition of time and maintains the need of a percipient mind in marking off time (The Physics of the Healing, II.
SIR - I had always thought that John D Rogers of Nantymoel was one of your more percipient correspondents, but his latest letter (July 26) makes me wonder.
All other percipient witnesses confirm the opposite, which we knew already, that torture does not even work, and that any actionable intelligence they got was obtained before they started torturing people.
The audacity of that request, coming as it did at a time when the Canadian government was mercilessly slashing budgets, was percipient.
Excluding Unreliable Present Sense Impressions Through a Percipient Witness Requirement CONCLUSION
Hence, McCorristine argues that the telegram, through which the percipient learns of the death of the person seen in the vision, becomes a "central constituent of the psychical ghost story" (p.