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Finally, the significance of perception, or at least of the need of a percipient mind, is central to William of Ockham's nominalist interpretation of Aristotle's temporal theory: see, for instance, Marilyn McCord Adams's William Ockham (Notre Dame Press, 1987) ch.
One might even speculate that such a honeycombed text would appear to the more oral percipient to reflect a lack of story rather than a greater plumbing of a story's depth.
However, Bundy cautions that animation alone is not enough: "to engage aesthetically the percipient must simultaneously experience connection and heightened awareness" (2003:2).
The Procedural Approach requirement that a court must conduct an in camera hearing if a defendant establishes the elements of Roviaro-Lite--a valid defense, the informant is a percipient witness, the informant may have information that would be relevant and helpful to the asserted defense--embodies the Roviaro Court's statement that the privilege gives way if the defendant establishes the first or second standard.
Quoi qu'il en soil, recusant tout dualisme epistemologique entre la sujet percipient et l'objet pereu, elle pose que "seul existe ce qui est connu" (jndtaikasaltd) et, par-tant, qu'il n'existe aucune realite non-penjue d'aucune sorte (ajnatasattabhava), autrement dit que ni l'objet ni le monde n'existent independamment de la perception ou de l'idee qui les livre a la conscience, la perception etant contemporaine dc son objet.
leads us back to eighteenth century aesthetics where the autonomy and intrinsic value of art are bound up with the disinterested position of the percipient who is free from all interest.
Percipient Ltd has announced that it has created an alliance in the UK with Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, to deliver applications for the food manufacturing industry within the SME sector.
This is about why there was the gap and why, during this time, police investigators may have been turned away from interviewing the vice president of the United States, who was not merely a percipient witness but was the admitted shooter.
If your attorney determines you can testify as a percipient fact witness, you should tell the truth and not think about which side called you as a witness.
Tom Doyle was always cruising on Percipient in the claiming hurdle and when he asked the 13-2 chance to go and win his race, the gelding pulled three lengths clear of Princess Pea.
Both the mild-mannered Christopher and the impulsive David are in love with flinty, percipient Margaret O'Donnell (Derbhle Crotty), housekeeper for the Gore family.