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I also urge that this culture percolates to all our legislative assemblies," he said.
30 June 2015 - US-based JavaScript application development platform developer Meteor Development Group (MDG) has inked a deal to acquire US-based app developer Percolate Studio, the company said.
Percolate Studio designs and engineers digital products and has significant, direct experience in building, deploying and supporting production apps with Meteor.
Noah Brier, CEO of Percolate, likes to say marketers used to create five messages a year and now they create five a minute--Vine videos, Twitter replies, Instagram photos.
But that doesn't invite the mucky problem you might expect: The dry streambed allows water to percolate into the soil, as do adjacent paths covered with bark.
* Percolate (, from Percolate Industries, Inc., "turns brands into curators" by helping to create content on a social scale that will keep consumers engaged on a daily basis.
Water has to percolate through the soil, unsaturated rock, the aquifer, and then it's got to be transported and discharged in the river."
(3,3) 20 Ernie - - -, golfer (3) 21 Belonging to us (3) 22 Holiday town (6) 24 Slender and graceful (6) 25 Milky Italian coffee (5) 26 Small cakes (4) 28 Religious splinter group (4) 29 Consider (5,4) 31 Heavy weight (3) 32 Pool of still water (4) 33 Route indicator (8) 1 Christmas month (8) 2 Repeated sound (4) 3 Maker of menswear (6) 4 Hostelry (3) 5 Young swan (6) 6 Require (4) 7 Rangers forward, - - - Lafferty (4) 9 French pastry (9) 10 Venetian boatman (9) 13 Gem found in oysters (5) 14 Decipher (5) 16 Bullring cheer (3) 18 Away from home (3) 19 The best (8) 23 Pollutes (6) 24 Powerful (6) 26 Horn sound (4) 27 Outhouse (4) 28 Ooze, percolate (4) 30 Breed of carp (3)
The microwaves will penetrate and heat the soil; on the Moon, the vacuum environment would percolate the water vapor to the surface, where it would be collected on a plate as ice and then scraped off for human use, either as water or for conversion to hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis.
The quality stuff does tend to percolate to the top; it gets recommended and popularized." Indeed, while the worst of fan fiction can make a Harlequin romance look like Charlotte Bronte, the popular stories are at least no worse in quality--and sometimes far better--than, say, The Da Vinci Code.
Ultimately these nasties will percolate around the world in ocean currents and ultimately our children will pay the price.
While others mull ways to entice big corporations to Colorado so that their wealth can trickle down to others, MBD serves low-lying enterprises whose success may percolate up.