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30 June 2015 - US-based JavaScript application development platform developer Meteor Development Group (MDG) has inked a deal to acquire US-based app developer Percolate Studio, the company said.
Percolate Studio designs and engineers digital products and has significant, direct experience in building, deploying and supporting production apps with Meteor.
Also listed in the report as one of the Top 3 LMSs for small businesses, Craig states, “What I like most about the Percolate system is that it provides a user-friendly experience and features, which are ideal for the small business customer.
0 m research plots was constructed at the University of Florida's Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center to collect both surface runoff and subsurface percolate from two contrasting landscape treatments.
Asked about the economy and its impact on the 2002 congressional elections, Flannery said that "it must be strong by next spring for it to percolate through public discussion before election time.
Surface water carrying bacteria and chemicals can percolate down into the earth and contaminate pure groundwater, the source of much bottled water.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 29, 2015-Meteor to acquire Percolate Studio
com)-- According to the Top 50 LMS Mid-Year 2014 Rankings Report, the Percolate LMS[TM], still ranked as a Top 50 learning management system (LMS), received additional recognition this month as the second best LMS in the Small Business Market (1-499) category.
As rents in Manhattan continue to percolate to never before seen levels (in some trophy buildings rents are topping $100 per square foot), who knows what to expect.
Many have been won by younger practices, such as Ofis, but it is perhaps too early to tell whether the fresh thinking generated by youthful brio will percolate more meaningfully around the state subsidised housing system.
In some cases, runoff from the synthetic turf flooded nearby fields, because it couldn't percolate into the ground fast enough.