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m] are the Young's moduhi of the percolated filler network, dispersed fillers and matrix phase respectively and VF is the tiller volume fraction.
The dancers percolated with the same aggravated, interior straining against gravity and the center at multiple points simultaneously, as in the work of Edouard Lock, like a pugilism against the self.
Using a burning algorithm, it was determined that about 98% of the pores are part of a percolated (connected) pathway across the microstructure, indicating a highly connected "pore network.
Looking at field and pasture, however, agricultural historians have argued both that new practices percolated very slowly into the countryside and that market forces were already strongly felt in late medieval England.
Its images - subjectively sequenced, and lurching toward a hermetically cohesive classification system, but shorn of essay-peaks entirely for itself, articulating and classifying a sexual sublanguage that has percolated and mutated inside U.
The coffee craze, which began on the West Coast in the mid-'80s, has percolated eastward.
Christensen says his favorite explanation for the hematite at Meridiani Planum is that a warm or hot spring percolated through the rocks there.
Benedetto Croce notwithstanding, the interest of our passing century in the Neapolitan Renaissance has rarely percolated at lively speed.