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Therefore systems reinforced with a percolated network of weakly interacting fillers may behave differently from systems reinforced with a strongly connected percolated network of fillers.
PM Manmohan Singh's last year's message about the Right to Information ( RTI) Act affecting the deliberative process of the government seems to have finally percolated down to the bureaucrats.
1 : to trickle or cause to trickle through something porous : ooze <Water percolated through sand.>
Nasa's Mars Rover Spirit robot explorer discovered deposits of pure silica in Gusev crater last year probably formed when volcanic steam or hot water percolated to the surface.
Here the rugged terrain is dominated by the stumps of extinct volcanic craters and percolated by rivers and lakes.
"The idea-has percolated but it doesn't seem to have gone far," observed Ron Wallace, the Presbyterian Church in Canada's associate secretary for international ministries, after meeting faculty and students at seminaries in Shanghai and Nanjing.