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Over the ghostly jazz licks and hip-hop beats of ``Coffee in Bed,'' for instance, her voice percolates.
Reddish spots and shallow pits that pepper the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa may mark regions where warmer and less dense ice, possibly from an ocean buffed deep beneath the moon's frigid surface, percolates to the surface.
Daylight percolates through a myriad of glazed openings, bathing the interior in a soft luminance and changing Cubist pattern of shadows.
Reviewing sites for inclusion in Magellan is a multi-stage process, including both machine and human intelligence: the guide's proprietary "Spider" technology filters out extraneous and incomplete sites and then percolates the best and most popular ones to a professional team of specialized Cyberwriters who review, describe and rate them based on the following strict criteria: depth of content, ease-of-access, organization and currency of information.
In next week's episode, she must track down a confidence man who escapes from her responsibility via the women he has seduced; that a Leonard Cohen song serves as a plot point gives you an idea of the hipster cool that percolates throughout this series (the show employs David Holmes' funky ``Out of Sight'' score).
Light percolates gently through square openings between the laminated timber bands, dappling the interior so that the effect is like being in a giant wicker basket.
Sea water percolates up through the ice to flood the surface and form the boils observed by Golden.
As the restoration process percolates along, it's amusing to note that the dormitory building that sought to replace it ultimately got built next door.