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OUR MUSIC builds upon the Jamaican native's legacy of musical activism; and with its inimitable dancing groove, the album percolates and bubbles rhythmically in its call for unity between races, between nations, between individuals and even between business associates.
At night, the studio is transformed into a softly luminous box as light percolates through an external carapace of rusted woven wire panels that are kinked and cranked like powerfully rippling muscles.
The treated water will be funneled to two underground basins where water is held while it slowly percolates into the soil, to groundwater 300 feet below.
Although the study makes "a very valuable contribution," says Peter Ravenscroft of Cambridge, England, he's not convinced that arsenic enters aquifers only when surface water percolates rapidly downward.
OCWD captures and percolates into the groundwater basin approximately 350,000 acre-feet per year (an acre-foot is 326,000 gallons or enough water for two small families for a year).
Over the ghostly jazz licks and hip-hop beats of ``Coffee in Bed,'' for instance, her voice percolates.
These capture small chasms of light which cast changing reflections and pockets of intense luminosity through the spaces inside, echoing the way in which light percolates brilliantly through the thick walls of Spanish churches.
Reddish spots and shallow pits that pepper the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa may mark regions where warmer and less dense ice, possibly from an ocean buffed deep beneath the moon's frigid surface, percolates to the surface.