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The Takayanagi Models I and II are applied to better account br the effect of a percolating network.
The incipient infinite cluster, this is simply, the percolating cluster, is statistically self similar, has a fractal structure and has a fractal dimension [6].
The researchers say they have tentative evidence that the rocks not only had water percolating through them but were themselves formed from sediment laid down by an ancient Martian lake or sea.
She kicks off the ebullient set with the percolating "The Only Thing Missin'," followed by the blissful and bouncy "Wonderful," and the infectious "Holdin' On," which features Mary J.
Tatsumi's struggle to rebuild the OSE is one of many recent examples of change percolating in Japan.
For now, bio-diesel fuel is percolating through 10 vehicles monitored by the Instituto Virtual Internacional de Mudancas Globais, the technology and research center at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.
Air is blown in below the sand, percolating up and through the sand for maximum effectiveness.
The opening tableau vivant places him behind an eerie translucent scrim of black Washi paper, subtly percolating.
Do I sense a certain disbelief in women's common sense percolating here?
Percolating along with stripped-down rhythms and teasing lyrics, the lead single, "Double Fantasy II," is pure TRL fodder, right down to the video (shot by Justin Kelly), which features synchronized dancing and a scantily clad Schwartz and company romping in a bubbling Jacuzzi.