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During hydrologic cycles when surface water is abundant, extra surface water can be 'deposited' in a groundwater bank by application to constructed percolation basins, through injection wells, or through joint management of rivers and groundwater to effect riverbed infiltration into underlying aquifers.
Most percolation models for conductor-insulator mixtures rely primarily on conductor volume fraction.
Percolation Communications LLC Percolation Communications LLC ( www.
Since the percolation test is the tool most widely used to measure water flow capabilities of a field soil, several attempts have been made to find empirical relationships between the saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) and the percolation time (PT) with a hope of replacing the percolation test with a hydraulic conductivity test (Fritton, Ratvasky, & Petersen, 1986; Mulqueen & Rodgers, 2001; Winneberger, 1974).
Therefore it is important to know the percolation threshold of the layer in various directions, as a function of the microstructure.
Percolation theory has been used extensively to model various aspects of flow through porous media to describe the dependence of large-scale flow phenomena on heterogeneities found at the pore scale (Hunt 2001).
A council spokesman said they planned to install a new percolation area for the tank but they wouldn't be able to do the work until March or April when the weather improves.
6), filler percolation thresholds of N234 CB in unbrominated BIMS or IMS (poly(isobutylene-co-paramethylstyrene), no bromine) and in IR were determined based on changes in rheological properties and changes in particle spacing, as measured from tapping phase AFM morphologies.
To achieve this, the project team is incorporating into its plans a bioswale drainage system that filters storm water and runoff prior to its percolation into the subgrade soil or its disposal into a storm water management system.
percolate--program to assess the percolation or connectivity of a "phase" in a 3-D segmented image (18);
232) and recently argued about whether evidence of fluid movement through the rocks there reflects an ancient upwelling of brine or the ongoing percolation of rainwater down through the mountain (SN: 6/12/99, p.
Expand the plant's percolation ponds at an estimated cost of $4.