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The percolation threshold has already been successfully reduced using multiphase composite systems in which CB has been incorporated into a mixture of immiscible polymers (15-18).
Percolation can be defined as a phase-transition at which a dramatic change occurs at one sharply defined parametric value, as this parameter is continuously changed (32).
We found that different compositions of CB/PP/LDPE led to very different conductivities and percolation thresholds, even though at a same CB loading.
1, for the binary composites of CB/PP and CB/LDPE, the percolation are about 9-10 wt%, i.
We can consider that LDPE with CB forms the conductive networks, resulting in a low percolation threshold.
Percolation Threshold Observed by Mechanical Spectroscopy
Methods Reported in the Literature for the Determination of the Percolation Threshold.
TABLE 1 Methods employed in the literature for the determination of the percolation threshold by mechanical spectroscopy.
Rheological" Percolation Threshold Determined by Various Methods.