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FORGACS: Percolative structure can basically produce the same thing once you fix the network somehow, which you may refer to as prestressed.
He used percolative theory and microcapacitor modeling to explain these results.
Further, it would be interesting to investigate the influence of the formation of the percolative 'network-like' structure formation of MWNTs in the respective PA6/ABS blends with unmodified and modified MWNTs through electrical conductivity measurements.
The variation in complex viscosity and the storage moduli values in the lower frequency range during the frequency sweep indicate the transition from 'liquid' to 'solid-like' behavior prominently, which is a consequence of a rheological percolative 'network-like' structure formation between the polymer and the filler.
At 5 wt% of MWCNT, the images give the impression of a percolative morphology due to overlapping of the tubes.
119) exploited the sodium salt of 6-aminohexanoic acid (Na-AHA), which was able to assist in debundling the MWNT through cation-[pi] interactions during melt-mixing leading to percolative network-like structure of MWNT within the PA6 phase in co-continuous PA6/ABS blends.
This is due to the formation of a percolative network, which resulted in maximum property enhancement.