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Its lipophilic nature renders it suitable for topical application and percutaneous absorption.
Comparison of percutaneous absorption and metabol ism of di-n-butylphthalate in various species.
Percutaneous absorption of steroids: determination of in vitro permeability and tissue reservoir characteristics in human skin layers.
Aging on percutaneous absorption of DEET, implying that the lower-height subjects (i.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of turpentine oil (TO) as penetration enhancer, when used in different concentrations, on solubility and percutaneous absorption of DDA in vitro.
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of oleic acid as penetration enhancer when used in different concentrations in the solution, on the percutaneous absorption of DDA in vitro.
Percutaneous absorption involves the passage of the drug molecule from the skin surface into the stratum corneum under the influence of a concentration gradient and its subsequent diffusion through the stratum corneum and underlying epidermis, through the dermis, and into the blood circulation.
These initial findings suggested the utility of methotrexate preparations that could provide adequate percutaneous absorption in the treatment of psoriasis.
It has claimed test information on HC Red no 13 "is insufficient to allow a final risk assessment to be carried out", calling for an in vitro percutaneous absorption study.
Percutaneous absorption of drugs is faster and more extensive in neonates and infants because of the relatively larger surface area, and because they have thin, poorly keratinised and well-hydrated skin which is more permeable.
It has a cooling effect and a percutaneous absorption better than an ordinary aerosol.
Two major factors determine the rate and extent of percutaneous absorption and may cause excessive absorption of an agent applied to the skin in the neonate and small infants.

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