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Salviati] homo fuit, id quod Dii atque homines sciunt, omnis divini atque humani iuris ignarus et contemptor, omnibus flagitiis et facinoribus coopertus, luxuria perditus et lenociniis infamis.
perditus, but those values apparently represent an error or misprint, as the data on estimated volumes on their Table 2 (e.
Feeding ecology and sexual dimorphism of Enyalius perditus in an Atlantic forest, Brazil.
The nematode community in the Atlantic rainforest lizard Enyalius perditus Jackson, 1978 from south-eastern Brazil.
Gastrointestinal helminth fauna of Enyalius perditus (Reptilia: Leiosauridae): relation to host age and sex.
Natural history of the lizard Enyalius perditus (Squamata: Leiosauridae) from an Atlantic forest remnant in southeastern Brazil.
On the other hand (I only give some examples from book I), she makes new mistakes, misreading f- as the long s- (1,260 sors instead of the correctfors), writing pulluerant (1,341) instead of poll-, and prints perditus (1,271), genus (1,272), and Tum (1,360) whereas the Cominiana (1718, 21739) and the modern editions have the better readings protinus, pecus, and Ut, but she does not say--something that would be more important than the apparatus with the mere typographical errors--when and where these readings have appeared for the first time.
floribus Austrum / perditus et liquidis immisi fontibus apros (II: 56-59).
dum tibi deceptis augetur fama puellis certus es et in nullo quaeris amore moram, perditus in quadam tardis pallescere curis incipis .
perditus is replaced by a condition almost repeating that of Pristidactylus fasciatus or Diplolaemus (Figure 13), as in E.
And it is the same who are reinstated, not angels who are replaced: 'ut perfecta summa ovium integraretur in coeio, homo perditus quaerebatur in terra'.